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EWA-BIS Sp. z o.o.

Ewa Bis has been one of the leaders of Polish food exports for over 30 years. It is also part of the Ewa Bis Group, associating 14 companies around the world (Poland, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates). It cooperates with partners from over 60 countries from five continents. We transport our products by land, sea and air. We use safe conditions of transport, also in controlled temperature and in freezing conditions. Cooperation with: • Retail chains; • Distributors; • Wholesale markets. • B2B clients (raw materials and semi-finished products for the food industry). We provide comprehensive services: • Transport - timely deliveries; • Warehousing - modern sorting and storage; • Labeling, stickers, packaging, customs and marketing including private labels. Ewa Bis offers conventional and ecological products. They are targeted at the food industry, retail and HORECA business. We have a wide range of: • Fresh fruit (number one - apples) and vegetables. We are the largest exporter of apples in the country. Company sort fruit and vegetables in our own factories. Produce also ZERO pesticide apples. • Frozen food (fruits, vegetables, ready meals); • Fresh and frozen meat (chicken, beef, pork); • Beverages, NFC juices, juice concentrates, fruit purees; • Dairy products. Full range of cheeses including mozzarella, UHT milk, all kind of milk powder, including fat filled; • Big Brands FMCG products. In our portfolio you can find the most respected global brands such as: Procter and Gamble, Henkel, Unilever, Mars, Mondelez, Nestle, Ferrero , Red Bull, Coca Cola and many others. We have a wide selection of sweets, chocolate, confectionary, beverages, cosmetics, household chemicals. Ewa Bis implemented an integrated management system of health safety of food by IFS.

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  • Subsector: Coffee, Infusions, Instant Drinks, Juices, Mineral & Spring Water, Other Hot Drinks, Soft Drinks & Carbonated Beverages, Canned Foods, Chutneys, Mustards & Relishes, Concentrates & Marinades, Conserves, Honey & Jams, Dressings, Sauces, Dips & Pastes, Finished products, Oil & Vinegar, Preserves & Spreads, Soups, Stocks & Gravy, Spices, Seasonings & Salts, Breakfast Cereals, Corn, Flour & Starch, Oats & Wheat, Pasta & Noodles, Seeds, Beans & Pulses, Rice & Rice Products, Diet Products, Gourmet Products, Health Food, Organic Products, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Cured Meat & Poultry, Other Game, Biscuits & Cookies, Bread, Rolls, Pies & Pastries, Cakes, Puddings & Mixes, Candy, Gum, Lollipops & Mints, Chocoalate, Cocoa, Toffee, Crisps & Crackers, Dates , Healthy Snacks, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Popcorn, Olives & Pickled Snacks, Convenience Food, Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts, Fruits , Ready to Eat, Seafood, Vegetables, Butter, Cheese, Cream, Dairy Substitutes, Eggs & Egg Products, Margarine, Milk & Milk Products, Yoghurts

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FRESH POLISH APPLES! Throughout the all year, we offer conventional and organic apples, also in the Zero Pesticide version. We guarantee fresh apples of the highest quality and durability, with a great taste that convinced all our customers. We have full availability of many varieties: Gala Royal, Gala Must, Gloster, Idared, Jonagold, Sampion, Red Jonaprince, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Ligol, Mutsu. We offer delicatessen and industrial apples. We cater to customer requiements and provide tailor made solutions in terms of packaging and logistics. From small packages of 1 kg in private label to industrial dump truck of 25 tons. We are looking forward to doing business with you!
JUICE CONCENTRATES Our juice concentrates are made of fresh and healthy fruit grown in non-industrial farms in Poland. Fruit used in production of the juice is GMO free. Juice concentrates are perfect for use in the production of reconstituted juices, nectars and drinks, and for the production of wine and beer. We have the technical capacity and full availability of fruit for processing into juice concentrates: apples, baby food apples, strawberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, pears, plums, chokeberries and cherries. We flexibly adapt to all customer requirements in terms of packaging and logistics solutions. We can offer fruit juice concentrates in small packages such as plastic canisters/jerrycans 10-20 kg, metal drums with an inner aseptic bag of 250 kg, IBC Tank Container up to 1,2 MT or whole Tanker up to 28 MT. We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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