17 - 20 September 2023  –  10th Edition
Riyadh Intl. Convention & Exhibition Center
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia

Dairy Land For Milk And Food Industries

We are Dairy Products Company .We are specialized in producing and packaging all kind of White Cheese with Vegetable Fat , Natural Cheese , Natural Cheddar Cheese , Processed Cheese ,Triangle Cheese , Natural Mozzarella , Mozzarella Cheese with Vegetable Fat , Kashkaval and Roomy Cheese . We are producing different kind of White Cheese with Vegetable Fat such as ( Feta ,Istanboli ,Parameli ,Domiaty ,Double Cream ,Low Salt Cheese and Cottage Cheese ) in plastic and carton packs with different weights , Besides Natural White Cheese such as ( Parameli & Istanboli Cheese ) . Also producing Processed Gouda ,Edam Cheese and many kinds of processed Cheddar Cheese with different tastes such as ( Plain ,Pepper & Olive ). Our new Spread Cheese Packed in Glass Jar with 2 tastes Cream & Cheddar Taste. All these products under El Zahar Brand . There are another new products under name Dairy Land white Cheese with 4 tastes ( Feta , Istanboli , Domiaty and Creamy Feta Cheese ) in carton packs 250 gm . Another product named by Moccabella, It's another kind of processed cheese in tubes with 2 tastes Cheddar&Cream Taste .

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  • Sector: DAIRY
  • Subsector: Cheese

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