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Asia Package Industry Publishing Company

Asia Package Industry Publishing Company founded in 1998. The company is the leading publisher of packaging & Food industry in Taiwan, dealing in both of packaging & food industry fields and professional in promote of packaging industry with concept of modern innovation, we are constantly expanding Taiwan manufacturers in the international market.

Enhance the competitiveness of the packaging industry as a precondition for many years, with ongoing commitment to publishing the professional and the best tool books of packaging industry, and with many of agents around the world. So far the company's publication circulation of more than one million.

The company is actively involved in various international packaging and food-related exhibitions more than 10 times per year, accumulated a lot of exhibition, we through the exhibition promote packaging and food industry of Taiwan, the multi-faceted approach to promote industry internationalization and business interaction, make a contribution for packaging industry in Taiwan.

Our Services

  • Asia publications of packaging & food industry.
  • Agent release of professional international packaging& food related publications.
  • Agents of international packaging & food exhibitions.
  • Visiting group for international exhibition.
  • Website design, construct a website, webhosting & co-location


AsiaTradeHub.com, a unit of Matrix net-on-line Limited is Business to Business Trading Portal offer Companies platform to promote their products for Worldwide Customers. It offers basic and Trade Data & Infrastructure information of selected 22 Asian Countries, in addition offer active trading platform for online submission of Trade Leads for direct negotiations/ enquiries and orders from Worldwide Buyers for different sections. AsiaTradeHub.com offer marketing partnership to Asian Companies, promoting them and arranging orders for them through professional trading team and associated trade platforms worldwide on fixed charges for promotion as well as on commission basis. To promote associate supplier and manufacturers offer marketing support and display through TradeHub Gallery and Wholesale Section.

Artistic Food Lab

Address: Jeddah - Alsalmah Dist., Jeddah, KSA
Phone: 0594276234 E-mail: artisticfoodlab@gmail.com
Web: www.aflksa.com

Bakery Global

Bakery Global online magazine and website is designed to promote industry competition winners from all corners of the world.
Bakery Global has formed strong partnerships with International Exhibition and competition organisers throughout the world who feature bakery, patisserie, chocolate, ice cream, pizza and all gastronomic events.
Competitions are not only to celebrate the skills of our trade at their most diverse & inspiring, but also seek to encourage & foster the art of the industry both now and well into the future.
For a professional, having the opportunity of taking part in competitions is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious acknowledgements of their career. Having the courage to put oneself and the skills built up through time to the test is a great sign of professionalism.
Junior competitions are a wonderful launching pad for aspiring young individuals seeking to make a name for themselves in the professional world.
Please visit Bakery Global website to keep updated on Exhibitions & Competition Winners on a global scale. www.bakeryglobal.com

BBM Magazine

BBM Magazine, is a publication whose first issue was published in January 2012 by Parantez Media aims to represent the bakery, biscuits and pasta sector especially in the international arena. BBM Magazine, which is published in Turkish and English bimonthly and also can be followed digitally all around the world, aims to become safe information resource and communication channel of the global bakery, pasta and biscuit industry and also machinery industry providing service to these industries.

√ News about the latest developments, innovations and technologies in global pasta, biscuit, bread and bakery products market, √ articles and interviews discussing the consumption habits, cultures and amounts of countries, √ articles and interviews discussing technical details about production process √ interviews giving information about the processors and suppliers around the world, √ and more…

Pls follow the link mentioned below for advertising in our magazine: http://www.magazinebbm.com/33/36/


CoffeeBI is an independent business intelligence boutique specialising in the coffee industry (coffee and machinery, Ho.Re.Ca., Vending, etc.).
Being specialised means having a deep knowledge of markets, its segments, niches and micro niches, and giving data with a high level of accuracy. Supporting the industry means going in-depth into companies’ needs, giving value to the whole value chain, by helping companies export and give a better service.
CoffeeBI INTERNATIONAL TEAM includes professionals, market experts, analysts, reporters and coffee lovers that go the extra mile to answer the concrete market and business questions of all the main players of coffee industry.
CoffeeBI is also a COMMUNITY, one of the worldwide leading portals dedicated to the coffee industry, that includes companies, coffee experts, baristas or just coffee lovers.


"DrinkPreneur is a unique community of drink entrepreneurs. Our main purpose is to guide and inspire future and current beverage entrepreneurs by providing necessary information about beverage industry.
At the same time to create easier communication between raw material producers, contract manufacturers, packaging producers, marketing specialist, designers and everyone that is involved in beverage industry all over the world.
DrinkPreneur is giving you space to communicate, share experience and ideas, find solutions for new business and to discover ways how to upgrade already existing ones."

Editrice ZEUS

Editrice ZEUS is an Italian publisher 40-years old, focusing on the food&bev industry.
It issues www.allfoodonline.com, a portal in English and Italian about food&beverage products, either "Made in Italy" and from worldwide.
It issues as well the FOOD&BEV CATALOGUE on food&beverage products, also available online in free download.
FOOD&BEV CATALOGUE is a yearly catalogue about food&beverage producers, circulated in Italy and abroad to the main events and circulated to distributors, buyers and retailers worldwide.

EME Outlook

EME Outlook is a digital and print product aimed at boardroom and hands-on decision-makers across a wide range of industries in the region.
With content compiled by our experienced production team ensuring delivery to the highest standards, we look to promote the latest in engaging news, industry trends and success stories from the length and breadth of both Europe and the Middle East.
The magazine is owned and published by Outlook Publishing, who also produce global business titles, Asia Outlook and Africa Outlook, providing a superb platform for advertisers and media partners to showcase your services and place you in the hands of the continent’s most influential people.

Exhibitors TV Network

Exhibitors TV Network (www.exhibitorstv.net) is the World’s Premier Online Channel for Tradeshow Industry and the “trend setter” in Online Broadcast of Tradeshows. It has a growing audience in 190+ countries with extensive video views every day.

Exhibitors TV has introduced sustainability for tradeshows and their participants. The channel produces an edited broadcast of about 25 to 40 or more videos depending upon the magnitude of the event. This broadcast shows the world how the event turned out and who the exhibitors were and what were they introducing.

As Media Partner of the Show, Exhibitors TV ensures its utmost support to the Event, its Sponsors and Exhibitors before, during and after the Event. The Online Broadcast of the channel acts as an Online Digital Brochure of the Event not only for next year’s marketing, but for reaping more and more ROI for this year’s exhibitors who have participated in the broadcast.

The channel’s broadcast is aggressively promoted through Social Media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and an e-Newsletter embedding all the broadcast videos is also sent to the channel’s global database through email.


Eurocarne is the Spanish magazine for the meat industry, trade and business.

It offers in-depth journalism and the most relevant news about the meat industry and trade with our magazine, newsletters and website.

We provide valuable information to more than 16,000 decision makers in the most competitive meat industries.

Faculty of Tourism - King Abdul Aziz University

تعد كلية السياحة من أحدث الكيانات بالجامعة ، ولقد تم إنشاء كلية السياحة بجامعة الملك عبدالعزيز بمقتضى القرار رقم 14-45-1428هـ الصادر من مجلس التعليم العالي في جلسته الخامسة والأربعون والمنعقدة بتاريخ 18-1-1428هـ  . وتشمل الكلية التخصصات العلمية التالية قسم إدارة الضيافة قسم السفر والسياحة قسم إدارة الفعاليات قسم إدارة التراث والإرشاد السياحي قسم فن وتكنولوجيا الطهي وقد جاء قرار إنشاء الكلية السياحة بجامعة الملك عبدالعزيز تلبية لمتطلبات الخطة الوطنية لتنمية السياحية في المملكة العربية السعودية وتفعيلاً لما تبنته الهيئة العامة للسياحة والآثار من جعل القطاع السياحي كخيار استراتيجي لتنويع مصادر الدخل الوطني إضافة إلى توفير فرص عمل في المجال السياحي وتساهم الكلية في هذه الاستراتيجية عن طريق تأهيل كوادر وطنية ذات كفاءة عالية وخبرة في مجال صناعة السياحة من خلال تعليم الطلاب بالأسس العلمية والمنهجية في التخصصات التي تقدمها الكلية وربطها بالتدريب العلمي والممارسة الميدانية


ISTMAG - Istanbul Magazine Group has 25 publications published in different sectors. For the FB sector, the Group has Food & Ingredients Turkey, Hotel Restaurant and Yemek Zevki, a popular recipe magazine sold at magazine stands. Published monthly in English and Turkish, FOOD & INGREDIENTS TURKEY is the most leading magazine of the Turkish food industry and foreign trade.

Published 7750 copies per month, FOOD & INGREDIENTS TURKEY magazine has an efficient international distribution covering mostly food manufacturers, importers and exporters form around the world. It participates in all leading food fairs and distributes free copies. Every issue of the magazine has a rich content to offer to its domestic and international readers. A great number of world brands advertise with the magazine and on its digital platforms. Contact us: sales@img.com.tr

Food & Beverage Networker

Spanning the entire value chain, Food & Beverage Networker is a dedicated B2B publication that covers everything from raw materials to processing, packaging and retail. With decades of expertise covering industry at the sharp end across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, Food & Beverage Networker leverages on such knowledge to collate the very best insight from across the sector. The magazine’s core readership is key decision-makers and senior executives from leading companies operating within each of the major F&B supply chain segments.

Providing fresh insight for a new industrial era, we provide on-point comment, engaging reports and relevant analysis of today's foremost developments across the food & beverage space, encompassing the emerging trends in trade, market challenges, environmental issues and technological innovations that are informing the operations of today's F&B industrials.


Food & Drink Talk

We would like to introduce Food & Drink talk (www.fooddrinktalk.com) a fully dynamic website that contents a wide range of information on world’s food & drink sector. Starting from the news headlines to food technology talk, food safety, manufacturing, sectors overview, exclusive conversations and sustainability, the portal delivers almost everything to the readers.
The website is also a dynamic marketing venue where you can showcase your products and deliver your brand’s messages to the audience all across the world. For that the website has classified segments for special news, announcement, press releases, product launches, global events updates, white papers and advertising spaces.
For all your advertising query, please write to info@fooddrinktalk.com


The most comprehensive directory on Food, Hospitality & Agriculture in Dubai & UAE.

There are many varieties of food in Dubai. But there are few Dubai food items you must try while in Dubai.

Foodubai.com is presenting a unique opportunity for Food Importers, Distributors to raise their profile in the Gulf/African market by exhibiting at the regions premier trade events. The next exhibitor delegations from UAE will join international trade event.

FoodBev Media

With two leading publications and 5 dynamic award schemes, FoodBev Media provides everything our audience needs to stay on top of the latest news, views, trends and innovations across the whole of the international food and beverage industry. Learn how you can stay in-the-know in your sector today: www.foodbev.com

Food HQ

fHQ will continue to be the focal point where industry professionals meet their needs. fHQ will be published monthly and will provide news, analysis, concepts and trends, product reviews & interviews with leading players in the food industry bringing its readers in-depth insights and information. As the leading B2B food magazine, fHQ is the vital link between international manufacturers, producers, exporters & agents / resellers in the B2B industry and is your ideal partner whether you wish to gain accurate and up-to-date insight on the food industry or whether you wish to gain maximum exposure to your company’s products and services.

Food & Beverage Online (21food)

Food & Beverage Online (21food), as No.1 food b2b E-marketplace located in China, offers comprehensive e-commerce solution to both Global Food Buyers and Suppliers and help them establish good business relationship through our marketplace (b2b website).


HalalFocus.com is a news resource for businesses in the global Halal industry and the Muslim consumer. Providing online daily news updates, cutting edge commentary, research papers and in-depth analysis on the developments within this globally fast-moving sector.
The Halal sector covers food from farm-to-fork, modest fashion, muslim-friendly travel, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and it is developing rapidly worldwide from niche to mainstream.
Salama Evans
Managing Editor, HalalFocus
LinkedIn: Salama Evans
Twitter: HalalFocus
Facebook: HalalFocus

Halal Research Council

Halal Research Council is an organization working globally on Halal certifications in order to cater the needs of food and nutrition agencies and side by side non-food agencies especially in the FMCG sectors.
Certifies the products under the reverent coordination of recognized Shariah Supervisory Board, Highly qualified Food Technologists, Chemical Engineers and R&D professionals in respect of eligibility for Certification through research based methodology scrutinizing the sources of ingredients, examining the entire supply chain, chemical examination and analyzing Shariah prospects of ingredients used in the products.

Hospitality Resource Directory

The Hospitality Resource Directory (HRD) Search is an online directory that enables you to source for hotel and restaurant needs in Singapore. With our help, you can easily find different suppliers on one website, allowing you to enjoy an unparalleled convenience. Suppliers are classified according to the goods or services that they provide, ensuring that you can easily find a supplier for anything you need.
With HRD Search, you can have access to multiple suppliers providing the same goods in a single directory. Certain suppliers can also offer specialities like vegetarian food specialities, Indian food specialities and Korean food specialities. Apart from food and beverages, our directory also contains information of different suppliers in Singapore such as audio-visual and food preservation.

Ideal Appearance Trading Est

Ideal Appearance Est. for Hotel Supplies invites you to visit their stand at Foodex Saudi 2018 in Jeddah to explore our latest collection of hospitality uniforms, linen, towels & table cloth made with premium Egyptian cotton.
For the 5th year in a raw, we have the honor to participate in Foodex Saudi as supporter of the international chef competition.
Ideal Appearance Est. is one of the best producers and suppliers in Saudi Arabia. For all kinds of hospitality uniforms, work wear, table cloth, bed linen and towels. We take pride in our selection of uniforms wear. The Secret is the fabric first, quality, comfort and style. Some of our uniforms are made from special fabrics, Thus, we use special mixed cotton ‘’ Twill’’ 60/2 X 60/2, which treated against sun, sweat, shrink, age and color fading. This enable us to offer our customers one year warranty.
We provide the widest variety of bed linen either plain, striped, or Jacquard.
We have nice variety of table cloth and table runners with the best quality and price.

Mobile: +966 56 280 8787
E-mail: ideal_uniform@hotmail.com

Just Gastronomy

Phone: +966565051511
E-mail: a.mesawa@mesawagroup.com
Web: JustGastronomy.com


Phone: +966 56 900 0014
E-mail: younus@ke.sa
Web: www.ke.sa


POLAND FRUITS is Poland’s leading trade magazine for the food and beverage industry. It is the first publication of choice for professionals throughout the industry with its editorial coverage on the latest research, innovative technologies, health and nutrition trends, and market reports. The publication has a readership base of over 35,000 combined print and digital subscribers. Recognized as the most respected and authoritative trade magazine for the industry in Poland. Poland Fruits has served as the media partner for major trade shows and conferences in Poland and worldwide.

POLAND FRUITS has one mission: to create close links between B2B within the independent fine food sector.

POLAND FRUITS is a compatible fusion of a magazine and a web portal, the pages of which inform readers about the current situation and upcoming events in their industry of interest. Magazine is also distributed at all the most important fairs in Poland and abroad.

  • Contact person: Anna Dabrowska
  • 02-390 Warszawa
  • ul. Grójecka 186/214
  • M: +48 508 112 968
  • T: +48 22 8241497
  • Email: a.dabrowska@polandfruits.pl
  • www.polandfruits.com

Panaderia y Pasteleria Peruana

Since 1991, Panaderia y Pasteleria Peruana is a technical magazine in spanish, leader in Peru and South America. The magazine is distributed in bakeries, pastry shops, hotels, gelato, restaurants, coffee shops, snacks, catering business, retails (supermarkets, hipermarkets), and related.

#RevistaPPP is now a multiplatform magazine: printed, digital, website and social media, with important contents for the entrepreneur and for the masters of the industry.

Panadería y Pastelería Peruana magazine, has been selected to be media partner of the most important international fairs in Peru, Italy, Spain, United States, China, Brazil, Germany, Chile, México, Argentina and others.

#RevistaPPP has a presence and active participation in the main events of the sector at national level, as an official medium, collaborating medium, exhibitors, specialized juries, press, sponsors, sponsors, etc.

In our history, we are recognized as the benchmark in the sector.



Phone: + 966 11 46 33999 Ext: 147
E-mail: info@smsaexpress.com
Web: www.smsaexpress.com

Sayidaty Kitchen

مطبخ سيدتي موقع الطهي الأول في السعودية و يحصد أكثر من 2 مليون زائر شهريا ،موسوعة للوصفات السعودية والعربية والعالمية يحتوي موقع مطبخ سيدتي على أكثر من 3000 وصفة من جميع التصنيفات، إضافة إلى نصائح صحية و نصائح من الشيف في الطهي، و ملفات طهي يوميّة تجمع أشهى الوصفات المتخصصة من جميع التصنيفات. كما أن مطبخ سيدتي يحظى بشعبية كبيرة على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي أيضا و بعدد كبيرة من مستخدمي تطبيق موقع مطبخ سيدتي الممي، حيث يتابعه أكثر من 5 ملايين على الفيسبوك، و 450 ألف على انستاغرام و مايزيد عن 44 الف متابع على تويتر

Soft Drinks International

Soft Drinks International is devoted to the entire global non-alcoholic drinks industry: the creation, manufacture, packaging, distribution and marketing of all still and carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, sports, energy, functional & milk-based drinks, RTD teas & coffees, and bottled waters. With correspondents reporting from around the world, it has been published for more than 100 years and is received every month in over 100 countries.
Through its unique network of correspondents, SDI reports on global business and product news, ingredients, technologies and industry trends in a concise and reader friendly format. Together with informative sector-specific features and market reports, the journal is a must read for those active in the non-alcoholic beverage industry.
SDI has an unrivalled heritage and reputation within the industry and is the ideal vehicle for promoting your company, products or services.
In addition to its global readership, SDI is distributed at leading international trade events.


TIMES INTERNATIONAL is a well-known Company in Publication of Books, Journals, and Newsletters. TIMES INTERNATIONAL Circulates different Magazines in to different geographic locations in Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia.


TradeAsia is an online B2B marketplace which can help companies promote global business and gain more trade opportunities.
We serve as a bridge between quality suppliers and happy buyers around the world.
We have over 1,000,000 active sellers and 2,000,000 products. With high efficient matching system, it will provide the appropriate supplier information periodically. The only thing you need to do is choosing a partner!
Visit us today: https://www.etradeasia.com
Posting buying leads for FREE: https://www.etradeasia.com/e-tradelead-buy.asp
Contact Us: contact_us@etradeasia.com

True Banking

True Banking is a Bi-Monthly magazine on Islamic Banking & Financial Services sector with specific target on research development, market analysis, Training & advancement in this sector with focusing of development of Islamic Banking, Takaful & Investment. The prime aim of True Banking to create harmony, awareness & innovation in this sector. It is another addition to AlHuda CIBE achievement in the direction towards promotion and development in Banking Sector.

United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd.

Phone: +966 12 6633 888
E-mail: shameem.velladath@unitednaghi.com.sa
Web: www.unitednaghi.com.sa

World Expo

The leading business resource in Ukraine, which contains a description of events around the world: exhibitions, conferences, seminars, business trainings, etc. The organization of business trips, the provision of a full range of services: accommodation, transport services, car rental, translation services, registration for the exhibition with an indication of all the points of interest.

Yummy Jeddah

Phone: +966565051511
E-mail: a.mesawa@mesawagroup.com
Web: Instagram.com /YummyJeddah

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