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Indonesian coffee exporters eye potential in Middle East market

Published 2023-08-16 12:56:34

Indonesian coffee producers are eyeing the potential of boosting exports to the Middle East, as they say interest from the region has risen in recent years.


Indonesia is the fourth-largest coffee-producing country in the world and Asia’s second biggest, accounting for about 7 percent of global coffee output. In 2021, the Southeast Asian nation exported about 384 thousand metric tons worth almost $850 million, according to the Central Statistics Agency.


“The Middle East market potential will always continue to grow for medium and premium quality coffee,” Moelyono Soesilo, head of specialty and industry at the association said.


Interest in Indonesian coffee has grown in the region because of global coffee trends and the rise of modern cafes across the world, Soesilo said, but also as more Indonesian travelers visit the Middle East.


Suradi, a Jakarta-based coffee bean seller who has been in the business since 2000, said there was “extraordinary potential in the Middle East” for Indonesian coffee.


“It’s up to us whether we can tap on this potential or not,” Suradi said. “For every coffee business, as long as we are consistent with the quality, coffee will never die.”






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