28 February – 3 March 2022
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First Milling Company

From the beginning of its inception, the first mill is one of the largest companies in the Kingdom in terms of production and sales of flour, and the leading companies that play a key role in achieving strategic food security, and one of the most important economic monuments in the Kingdom for its important role in the grinding and distribution Flour and feed production in some parts of the Kingdom through its branches As a result of the responsibility of all, we at the first mill contribute to our social role in providing the citizens and residents with their needs of flour and its derivatives, which is the forefront of commodities and basic food products, as well as what the company does throughout the year in the service of visitors and pilgrims of the House of God Of the Holy Mosque in the Makkah Region, and the role played by the company in the production of livestock feed and animal bran should be expanded in order to contribute to the development of animal wealth in the Kingdom. The beginning of the transition to work as a private sector after one of the government sectors on 1/1/2017 smoothly and unaffected by the daily production and maintenance work of the company taking into account the continued flow of flour to consumers on a regular basis. The first mills spread over a wide area of our beloved kingdom with branches in Makkah, Al-Qassim, Tabuk and Al-Ahsa. The quality of the company's products of flour and feed is of paramount importance as it is subject to many quality control systems by the latest scientific equipment in its laboratories, which facilitate the specialists to perform their work accurately and proficiency. In terms of production, the capacity of the silos is 210 thousand metric tons for all branches, while the daily operational capacity is 4200 tons. The total flour production in 2017 is estimated at about 800 thousand tons. This amount is equivalent to 17 million bags.45 Kg.

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  • Sector: GRAINS & CEREALS
  • Subsector: Flour & Starch, Oats & Wheat

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Product List

Image Product name and Description
Bakery Flour Bakery Flour
The extraction is 80% of the wheat grain components, it’s used to make all varieties of different breads.
Superior Flour Superior Flour
The Extraction is 70% of the wheat grain components, it specializes with its pure white color. They use it in pastry baking and all kinds of sweets.
Superior Whole Wheat Flour Superior Whole Wheat Flour
It is produced by mixing bakery flour (powder with semolina) It is used in creating traditional Saudi dishes.
Whole Wheat Flour Whole Wheat Flour
The extraction is 95% of the wheat grain components, and it is used to produce Arabic bread, long white bread, and toast. It’s also used in the Saudi cuisine.

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