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Hindustan Meat & Commodities (HMC) Export And Import Pvt. Ltd.

Company profile :- Hindustan Meat & Commodities (HMC) Export And Import Pvt. Ltd. is one of the producer and exporter of Indian Best Quality buffalo meat, buffalo organs & veal meat. We entertain our global's buyers need and demands and do fulfill by putting our best level efforts. We believe that customers are the main source of our business and we follow our customer's centric approach with win -win startegy. We make committments with our buyers to offer BEST QUALITY MEAT and we do fulfill on time. We do have worldwide branches in 8 countries like - The India, The America, The United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Mexico Columbia & Dubai !

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  • Subsector: Beef

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Brands List

Image Brand name Description Country
AL Quality AL Quality It is the premium quality brand of HMC meat. India
AL Muslim AL Muslim The Best Brand India
AL Quality AL Quality Best Brand of veal India

Product List

Image Product name and Description
Forequarters FQ Rolls Forequarters FQ Rolls
It is the front part of the indian buffalo which is the one of the best part and tender and so delicious.
Buffalo Topside Buffalo Topside
This is one of the most delicate and fate free part of the Hindquarters and Topside is so juicy and delicious which is full of pretein aand others.
Bobby Veal Bobby Veal
This is the front part of the Veal and it is pinkish in colour and superb in taste and so delicate to disgest and full of protein.
Veal Leg Veal Leg
This is back side part of the veal. It is called veal leg and one of the fat free and juicy meat. It is full of protien and other soucres of human body's growth.

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